Overnight Conversion formed in 2017 out of a response to a huge need in the industry. You might be like us, a few production pro’s that had spent way too much time and effort waiting for converters to a show, or worse; telling the client they could not produce what was promised. We had a thought…what if we could get these small converters directly to the show site, install, or event on the same day or next day that they call us? A few months later the idea had formed into a business out of the Los Angeles area. 

Those days of waiting are over. We are here to help. Our model is simple, we just want you to have the converters you need, when you need them.

We currently have Decimator MD-LX and MD-HX units along with SDI Cable. We plan to continue to add to the inventory as the need arises.

Feel free to call or email us anytime, we would love to chat and answer questions about your projects and events coming up. And when that emergency day comes, give us a call and we will get converters to you as fast as we can.

-Overnight Conversion


Simply put, we are here to keep your show going. We want to get Decimator converters to your show or install as fast as you need them.
— Joe C, Founder

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